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e-mail: jpwestbreeze@aol.com

1541 N. Clay Lick Road
Brown County
Nashville, IN 47448


Artist Statement

"I paint for myself, for the challenge and joy of it; but knowing visual art must be seen to be heard, my greatest satisfaction comes when you concur with my feelings. Then you too become a part of my marks on paper - and I always leave room for you.
My medium is watercolor. I like to emphasize the "water" part of the word and paint very wet which will allow the paint to assert its own special personality. I let the medium tell me how to bring each start to a conclusion I find pleasing.

I always work with transparent watercolor. However at time I incorporate graphite, water-soluble color pencils, and pastels. Most of my paintings are presented upon layers of paper. Recently I have begun translating my paintings into art quilts. Just as I create a collage of papers in my more abstract works, I design and create a collage of fabrics and papers. The fabrics are hand painted, hand stitched and the finished piece can be framed or left to hang free upon a wall.

The painting process is pretty much the same for paintings on paper or paintings on fabric. First I wet the ground (paper or fabric) and start laying down color. Keeping the paper or fabric flat upon a board I let the pigments and media mingle and follow their personal paths as they dry. This process is repeated several times.

After all is dry I look into each beginning and let the marks on paper or fabric inspire me. This is when I get to assert myself and bring the image to completion by combining several pieces of paper or fabric and by drawing over the watercolor if working on paper, or by stitching if by working in fiber.

I try to express images that are on, above and below the surface of the painting. I hope I invite the viewer to follow as I work and see the painting process from tentative beginnings to the final touch. Some of the beginnings become non-objective abstracts. Some become landscapes or still life. All are collaborations between watercolor-the medium; and myself-the artist.

I think we both enjoy ourselves."

~ Peggy Brown


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Juried Art Exhibitions/Painting (Partial Listing)

  • National Abstract Exhibition - Indianapolis, IN, Best of Show and Others
  • American Watercolor Society - New York, NY., Harrison Cady Award; AWS National Travel Exhibitions
  • National Watercolor Society - Los Angeles, CA., Best of Show, 1993; NWS National Travel Exhibition
  • National Academy of Design Annual, New York, NY., Henry Award Ranger Purchase Award
  • Watercolor USA-Springfield, MO., Jurors Award and Patron's Purchase Award, 1994
  • Allied Artists of America - New York, NY., Gold Medal for Watercolor, Henry Gasser Memorial Award
  • Butler Institute of American Art - Youngstown, OH
  • Women in Design International - Los Angeles, CA., Juror's Award
  • Rocky Mountain Watermedia National - Golden, CO., Juror's Award, I994
  • Midwest Watercolor Society, Juror's Award
  • Hoosier Salon - Indianapolis, IN., Best of Show
  • Watercolor Society of Indiana - Indianapolis, IN., Best of Show, 1992, 1994, 2001, 2012, 2014
  • Indiana Artist's Club - Indianapolis, IN., Best of Show, 1995

Juried Fiber Art Exhibitions (Partial Listing)
* denotes awards

  • Art Quilt Visions, Visions Art Museum, Sand Diego, CA*
  • LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum, LaConner, WA - 1st place Fiber Art*
  • Witchita Center for the Arts National Fiber Art Directions Exhibition 2015, Witchita, KA*
  • New Legacies-Contemporary Art Quilts, City of Fort Collins, CO*
  • Quilt National, Athens, OH
  • Form Not Function - Carnegie Center, New Albany, IN*
  • Art Quilts at the Whistler - Lowell, MA*
  • PAQA Art Quilts - Page-Walker Center, Cary, NC
  • Sulky Challenge - various venues*
  • Fine Focus - various venues
  • Focus Fiber - The Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
  • Quilts=Art=Quilts - Schweinfurth Memorial Museum, Auburn, NY
  • IQA Celebrate Spring, Chicago, IL
  • International Quilt Festival - Houston, TX*
  • Elements - Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA
  • Art Quilts Lowell - Brush Gallery, Lowell, MA
  • Quilts Inc. Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Town and Country*
  • American Quilting Society, Des Moines, Iowa *, Paducah, KY*
  • SAQA - Many juried exhibitions at various Art Museums and Art Centers throughout the world.
  • The Artist as Quiltmaker XIV, Oberlin, OH

Art Festivals
* denotes awards

  • Coconut Grove Art Festival - Miami, FL*
  • Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and State Street Fair - Ann Arbor MI*
  • Gasparilla Art Festival - Tampa, FL
  • Winter Park Art Festival - Winter Park, FL*
  • Old Town Art Fair - Chicago, IL*
  • Port Clinton Art Fair - Highland Park, IL*
  • Plaza Art Fair - Kansas City, MO*
  • Lakefront Festival - Milwaukee, WI
  • Columbus Art Festival - Columbus, OH*
  • Boston Mills Art Festival - Cleveland, OH*
  • Cherry Creek Art Festival - Denver, CO
  • St. Louis Art Festival - Clayton, MO
  • Des Moines Art Festival - Des Moines, IA
  • Reston Art Festival - Reston, VA
Public Collections
  • Henry Ward Ranger Foundation - National Academy of Design, NYC
  • Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
  • Purdue University-West Lafayette, IN
  • Ricks College - Rexberg, Idaho
  • Columbus Art Center - Columbus, OH
  • Cass County Court House - Logansport, IN
  • Chamber of Commerce - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Bicentennial Purchase - City of Fort Wayne, IN
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art - Fort Wayne IN
  • The Eccles Community Center .- Ogden, Utah
  • Cooperstown N Y. Art Association - Cooperstown, N.Y
  • Crosby Gardens Civic Collection - Toledo, OH
  • Civic Permanent Collection - Springfield, IL
  • Rocksprings Art Center - Rocksprings, WY
  • Dixie College - St. George, Utah
  • Mayor's Collection - Bloomington, IN
  • Courthouse Collection - Lafayette, IN
  • City Collection - Brea, CA
Corporate Collections
  • Amoco Corp. International Headquarters - Chicago, IL
  • Marshall Town Bank - Ames, Iowa
  • Jacobson's - Ml
  • Glendale Federal Bank - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Miami Herald - Miami, FL
  • Boca Raton Board of Realtors - Boca Raton, FL
  • Standard Chartered Bank - Hong Kong
  • IBM - Chicago, IL
  • Coca Cola Main Office - Cincinnati, OH
  • Office of the Controller of the Currency - Chicago, IL
  • Borg Warner - Chicago, IL
  • Kansas University Medical Center - Kansas City, MO
  • The Upjohn Co. - Kalamazoo, MI
  • Atlantic Richfield - Chicago, IL
  • The Continental Illinois Bank - Chicago, IL
  • North American Van Lines Executive Offices - Fort Wayne, IN
  • General Electric - Fort Wayne, IN

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