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e-mail: jpwestbreeze@aol.com

1541 N. Clay Lick Rd.
Brown County
Nashville, IN 47448



My mixed-media paintings begin when I layer wet watercolor onto a wet piece of Rives heavyweight or BFK paper. Torn pieces of wet paper are added to the wet paint to control and define various edges. Upon drying the resulting geometric shapes become the foundation upon which I build the painting. At this point I look into each beginning and let the abstract forms inspire continuations. I add more paint, more torn paper pieces, more water and let it dry again. This may happen two, three or more times, until I have achieved the depth of image, a rich yet subtle color, and a design that makes me happy. To complete I draw with graphite and colored pencils and add pieces of painted paper. These can be the same papers I used to define the design in the beginning steps or pieces left over from earlier paintings.

Both natural and man-made objects inspire my art. The geometric forms are continuations of work from years past whan I painted many abstract Victorian homes accenting positive/negative aspects of the house and surround. The organic lines that flow through and unite the geometric forms are derived from rock, water and trees.

I try to express images that are on, above or below the surface of the painting and my mind. Some sections are allowed to appear then disappear. I hope to invite the viewer to follow me as I work and see thru the art from tentative beginnings to the final touch.

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